The Power of Sustainable Living: Small Changes, Big Impact 

The Power of Sustainable Living

A Beacon in the Dark 

In today’s world, the depletion of our planet’s resources is a pressing issue. Sustainability isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity and some companies stand out as beacons of hope. At Circular Computing, we try to be one of those companies. We have built the world’s only dedicated laptop remanufacturing facility, and this innovation creates part of the blueprint for a way of sustainable living.  
The unfortunate truth is that the IT industry as it is now, comes at a huge cost to resources and our environment. Our mission? To lead the way in counteracting this. 

The True Cost of New Laptops 

Circular Computing’s decision to produce remanufactured laptops is not just business; it’s a statement against the conventional computer production industry’s negative effects on the environment. Consider this: every day, 160,000 laptops are discarded in the EU alone, and a staggering 70% could potentially be reused. The production of a single new laptop demands around 190,000 litres of water and generates approximately 331kg of CO2. Add to that the challenge of safely disposing of the 66 different minerals in each laptop, many of which are scarce, and we’re looking at a process that is not just environmentally damaging, but also unsustainable. The toxic substances these devices contain can pollute the environment when discarded.  

The most alarming fact is that we currently need about 1.75 planets to provide the resources for our consumption and absorb our waste. If we continue at this rate, by 2030, we will need two planets. The amount of e-waste generated is expected to double by 2030, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions like remanufactured laptops. 

Circular Computing’s Solution 

Circular Computing has taken up the gauntlet to challenge this status quo. Each of our remanufactured laptops is carbon-neutral, but perhaps more importantly reduces the need for new laptops and saves our precious resources. We at Circular Computing, believe in the power of small changes to create a significant impact. By choosing one of our remanufactured laptops, you’re taking a stand against the current practice and you are showing others that there is another way. 

Our carbon-neutral remanufacturing process gives existing laptops from renowned brands like HP, Dell, and Lenovo a new lease of life. Each laptop sold reduces the need for the manufacture of new ones, thus saving water, energy, and reducing pollution. 

We don’t stop there. We offset all of our company carbon emissions and in addition, for every laptop sold we plant five trees, in order to aid global reforestation efforts in the communities that need them. 

Quality and Sustainability Hand-in-Hand 

Choosing a remanufactured laptop from Circular Computing doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We knew that when we started this journey, if the laptops meant a compromise we would fail to make the impact we wanted. So aside from the quality of the remanufacturing process we go through, we also offer a warranty of up to 3 years on our remanufactured laptops.  
Cost Saving as an Added Incentive 
In most product areas, being more sustainable often comes with a cost premium attached, however in this area, it is the opposite. Our remanufactured laptops can save you up to 40% in comparison to new. Companies and organisations can save money whilst actively contributing towards a sustainable future. It’s a small change in your buying habits that will make a big impact on the environment. 

The Power in Our Hands 

We cannot wait for world governments to align, nor wait for legislation to ‘force our hands’. The power of sustainable living lies in the hands of the influential individuals who are making the decisions. Many years ago sustainable options weren’t readily available, but companies like Circular Computing are providing us with options to be sustainable and showing us how we can harness it. Choosing sustainability is a powerful testament of your commitment to the right ethical practices, and can create ripples of change that will transform the world. 

Together, we can rewrite the narrative of the IT industry, transforming a story of depletion and waste into one of renewal and sustainability. By choosing remanufactured over new, we are not just saving money but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. The power of sustainable living lies in our hands.  

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