The Ticking Clock: #EarthOvershootDay and Our Planet’s Future


Have you ever stopped to ponder the ecological cost of our lifestyles? Every year, there comes a day when humanity’s demand for ecological resources outpaces what Earth can regenerate within that year. This day is known as #EarthOvershootDay, and it’s a stark reminder of the environmental debt we’re accruing.

In 2023, #EarthOvershootDay falls on August 2. That’s right, just seven months into the year, and we’ve already exhausted Earth’s annual budget of natural resources. It’s a sobering reflection of our unsustainable consumption patterns.

According to the Global Footprint Network, we’re currently using resources at a rate 70% faster than Earth can replenish. That’s equivalent to needing 1.7 Earths to sustain our current lifestyle. This overconsumption does not come without consequences. It leads to deforestation, climate change, water scarcity – issues that have far-reaching impacts on all life forms.

So, how can we #MoveTheDate? The answer lies in reducing consumption, investing in renewable energy, and protecting our forests.

At Circular Computing, we acknowledge the urgency of these actions. We champion sustainability, striving to give laptops a second life through remanufacturing. This approach significantly reduces e-waste and lessens our environmental footprint.

But our commitment to the planet goes beyond that. We are proud partners with WeForest, an international non-profit organization dedicated to forest protection and landscape restoration. Together, we’re making strides towards a more sustainable future.

Our collaboration with WeForest centres on a project along the Tietê river, an area that has suffered significant deforestation. By avoiding harmful herbicides, we’re restoring riverfront forests, preserving endangered wildlife habitats, and enhancing water resources.

Since the project’s inception, WeForest has grown over 305,208trees, supporting 61 native species. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also provides sustainable livelihoods to local communities.

Time is running out, but there is still a chance to take action. By working together, we can delay #EarthOvershootDay and secure the future of our planet. It is crucial that we act now and make a lasting impact. This goal can only be achieved through collaborative efforts. Join Circular Computing in our quest for a more sustainable world. With our sustainable remanufactured laptops that produces over 15 times less CO2, saves approximately 190,000 litres of water, saves approximately 1200kg of earth and minerals from being mined compared to new laptop, we also plant 5 trees for every laptop you buy.

Join us in our mission to create a more ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible way to buy enterprise grade IT.

Let’s take action today and fulfil our duty as responsible stewards of this magnificent planet.

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