WeForest in the Khasi Hills, India


It’s no secret that we have been working with WeForest to plant trees for a more sustainable future. The secret is what has happened due this partnership and today we aim to bring the ongoing efforts to light.

The Khasi Hills in the Indian Meghalaya ecoregion is the wettest location in the world, as a result it is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Due to mass farming the forests found here are being cleared for charcoal production, stone quarrying and animal grazing. Whilst this creates jobs and somewhat helps with immediate financial problems, it causes irreversible issues for the future.

With over a quarter of tree cover no longer existing in the region, WeForest and Circular Computing™ has helped fund an environmental sustainability project. WeForest is working alongside the KSKHAWUM Welfare Society, supporting 75 forest dependent villages in the east and north of the region plant trees. Doing so helps them to restore their forests through maintaining tree nurseries, thinning and weeding the area as well as establishing natural fire lines to protect the forest in case of a disaster.

The collaboration is bringing sustainable jobs to the region, adding wealth and social sustainability as well as giving the knowledge of the impact these local villages can have on the world. The project aims to protect and restore over 2.6 million trees by 2021.

Thanks to the support of our partners and customers we have been able to contribute over 57,000 trees since 2017, but our work doesn’t stop here. With the project expanding further north some new forest-friendly activities have started, including the use of 52 fuel-efficient cooking stoves to encourage the reduction in fuelwood consumption.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact in India with it causing many temporary workers going home with curfews imposed. The Khasi Hills project however, was able to continue as planned and fortunately there have been no reported cases of the virus so far although the office was closed for some time.

You can learn more about WeForest and their projects around the globe on their website: https://www.WeForest.org

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