What Is A Remanufactured Laptop?

remanufactured laptop

A remanufactured laptop is a portable computer which has been restored to the equivalent or better than the original manufacturer’s specifications.

The laptop is produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, incorporating BS8887-210 and 211 processes.

The final product would also include a warranty that meets or surpasses the one originally supplied when the product was brand new.

Remanufactured laptops come with several benefits as well, from a cheaper cost to the possibility of product customisation.

The awareness to recycle is ever growing in the modern age, with the planet’s long-term sustainability in mind we are increasing our methods of reusing products.

With the focus now on looking at ways in which we can increase a product’s life and phase out the throw-away culture we currently have.

Circular Computing™ have taken the initiative to remanufacture second-hand laptops to their original specification, but what is remanufacturing?

Understanding the term “Remanufactured”

Remanufacturing is a form of product recovery which allows for an item to be reused without being totally broken down and changed into something else.

Many everyday items have the potential of being remanufactured from vehicles to vacuum cleaners and mobile phones.

By recovering the products through this method of recycling it is possible to increase the sustainability of a product’s lifecycle as it does not go through an extensive recycling process, but rather it is simply renewed with new and existing parts.

Remanufacturing can be distinguished from refurbishing or reconditioning as the like-new second-hand product matches the consumer’s expectation of appearance and performance as if the product were brand new.

Circular Computing™ have invested millions over the years to ensure that their remanufactured laptops can aid everyone in neutralising carbon in their IT supply chains.

From end users purchasing the remanufactured machines for personal use to public entities, corporations and schools being able to purchase vast quantities of the same specification laptop.

remanufacturing process infographic

Are remanufactured laptops good?

With Circular Computing™ demonstrating the effectiveness of their laptops to be as 97% as good as new through a Cranfield University test, it is safe to say that the everyday user would not notice a difference in performance versus a brand-new machine.

Unfortunately, although the second-hand market is growing globally the stigma of brand new being better is not leaving any time soon.

Nevertheless, Circular Computing™ have demonstrated the benefits of a remanufactured laptop versus new which include, but are not limited to:

  • Up to 40% cost saving versus brand new
  • Totally carbon-neutral remanufacturing process as in accordance with the UK’s Climate Change Act 2008
  • Five trees planted per unit sold helping developing countries reforest and create biodiversity.
  • Up to a 3-year next day replacement warranty should anything go wrong.

Further benefits can be found on Circular Computing’s website through a sustainability calculator which demonstrates the impact that buying one of their machines has on the environment around us.

Sustainable IT is a growing concern with the world shifting to a more remote workforce and with it we need to ensure that it doesn’t cost us the planet, because IT shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Written by Nathan Haughton – Marketing Executive at Circular Computing™

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