Your opportunity to sell the world's first carbon neutral remanufactured laptops...

Help save the planet, make more margin and offer quality laptops at an unbeatable price point compared to an equivalent new model from your competitors.

The most sustainable and ethically produced laptops in the world

Cartbon Neutral Product - Support for One Tree Planted - Support for WeForest

Just imagine what marketing campaigns you could run with your company linked to our sustainability branding. Watch our video: SYNNEX Corporation working with One Tree Planted

  • 5 trees planted for every laptop to compensate for legacy emissions

  • Every laptop you buy is a certified carbon neutral product

  • You will be supporting solar, wind and clean energy projects in Africa & Asia

  • You will be supporting projects that have a real impact, help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities

Circular Computing products are not to be confused with refurbished, renewed, used or second-hand.

Through our extensive 5+ hour remanufacturing process and 100-point quality check, we deliver unrivalled quality and consistency you can rely on.

  • Remanufactured to international quality standards by fully-qualified technicians at our state-of-the-art production facility

  • Brand-new, high-quality battery and selected replacement or upgraded components

  • ISO9001 accredited processes mean that we can guarantee consistent quality of the same models in large volumes

  • We believe in the remanufacturing standard (ISO8887) so much, we are on the steering committee setting the standards

  • Comprehensive cosmetic detailing ensures every laptop is refinished to exacting quality standards

Discover the benefits of becoming a Circular Computing Partner

  • Remanufactured quality, enterprise-grade laptops - 97% of the performance at an unbeatable price point when compared to new

  • Increase your margins - benefit from higher margins, MDF and rebates

  • Differentiate your business in a commodity market with a sustainable IT product range of premium-quality, leading-brand laptops.

  • Real competitive advantage - become a partner today and gain first-mover advantage to establish your reputation early in this rapidly growing market.

  • Compete against refurbished or MAR channels without risk with our consistent remanufactured quality and value.

  • Reliable, consistent supply - production capacity already 6,000 units per month with a target of 20,000 per month by 2020.

Apply today to become a Circular Computing™ partner

Don't miss out on the growing market for sustainable, green IT
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