Power adaptor branding information

Introducing Acbel Polytech Inc and Delta Electronics Inc power adaptors - the brands you didn't know that you already knew

We have spent years creating a remanufactured product that works, saves money and helps to save the planet at the same time.

The power adaptors we use are no different.

HP 840 G3

Brand new Hewlett Packard, Lenovo and Dell branded power adaptors are becoming more difficult and expensive to purchase.

Where possible, we want to keep the branding uniform throughout our remanufactured machines but we soon realised that, as far as the power adaptors are concerned, this may involve raising prices or lowering availability to compensate.

This was something that we were not willing to compromise with.

So we went straight to the source - the same source, in fact, that manufactures the power adaptors for HP, Dell and Lenovo.

Acbel Polytech Inc and Delta Electronics Inc manufacture the power adaptors for HP, Dell and Lenovo's branded products.

This means they are of equal quality and the same factory certified standards; they just do not have HP, Dell or Lenovo logos - and that is the only difference.

We use brand-new Acbel Polytech Inc and Delta Electronics Inc manufactured products to replace used, HP, Dell and Lenovo branded power adaptors.

Acbel Polytech Inc and Delta Electronics Inc manufacture the original HP, Dell and Lenovo power adaptors.

The images below show original HP, Dell and Lenovo-branded adaptors with either Acbel Polytech Inc. or Delta Electronics Inc. credited as the manufacturers.

The manufacturer's name has been highlighted within the red circle. Please click on the image to enlarge them.

For comparison, these images show Acbel Polytech Inc and Delta Electronics Inc power adaptors:

Acbel power adaptor
Delta Electronics Inc power adaptor

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