Remanufactured laptops for Public Procurement

Reliable and sustainable IT in the public sector

Sustainable IT for a circular economy

Circular Computing™ offers a smart and sustainable IT strategy for your organisation.

Our remanufactured carbon neutral laptops, from leading brands such as HP, Dell and Lenovo, are not only good for the environment, but they also cost up to 40% less compared to buying new.

There is no compromise on quality either. Our laptops are remanufactured to the ISO9001 accredited processes, meaning every laptop has a complete inside-and-out refresh - guaranteeing consistent premium quality with every laptop.


Procurement frameworks

Circular Computing™ products are available through several public procurement frameworks; including sustainability-focused, to ensure that our sustainable IT can benefit not only your organisation, but also the planet.

We can work as a direct supplier, as part of a mini-competition or with your existing supplier, should we need to work through a framework agreement.

  • Our RMA is less than 3%

  • Save up to 40% on cost compared to equivalent new models

  • Up to a 3-year next day replacement warranty

  • Available through most procurement frameworks


Covered by our return to base warranty

A 1-year return to base (RTB) warranty is offered as standard on all our remanufactured laptop models, which can be increased to a 3-year warranty on the core models.

We will ensure a replacement is sent out the next working day; working from home or in the office, we’ll get them up and running again with minimal downtime.

Bristol City Council

For several years now, Bristol City Council have been using remanufactured laptops as part of their IT infrastructure, with the majority of employees using ICT solutions daily.

However, technology is a big contributor to CO₂ emissions in the production phase. Bristol City Council's challenge was to maintain the required operational levels while not contradicting the Green Capital remit, or compromising the user experience.

There was also the concern of cost – particularly when spending public funds, it is imperative that purchases represent the best value.

“Of course environmental commitments are at the heart of all decisions here at Bristol City Council, so it is fantastic that we have sourced machines which are environmentally sound as well as being fit for purpose. [...] Remanufactured laptops also represent a substantial saving against brand-new products.”

Henry Stiles, Lead End User Computer Specialist at Bristol City Council

  • service_life-70px

    E-waste avoided

    1,440,000 kg of e-waste avoided by purchasing remanufactured machines, avoiding disposal at landfill

  • carbon_emissions-70px

    CO₂ sequestered

    720,000 kg of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases sequestered from the atmosphere

  • co2_reduction-70px

    CO₂ prevented at manufacture

    456,000 kg of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases prevented at manufacture

  • water_saving-70px

    Water saved

    228,000,000 liters of water has been saved from the mining and production of new materials

Providing social value through IT

The way we address procurement for the public sector, much like the rest of our company, is based within the circular economy and with one thing in mind: sustainability; without compromising quality.

With Circular Computing's unique remanufacturing process, when you want to upgrade or change to newer machines, we can take back the previous products to begin the remanufacturing process all over again.

Our remanufactured laptops are certified carbon-neutral, helping reduce your organisation's carbon footprint and contribute towards the UK's Environmental Bill of net zero by 2050' and can be included in an organisation's Scope 3 report.

We also invest into reforestation, carbon reduction and clean energy projects that create significant social value, in-keeping with environmental policies that pass on to your organisation.

Laptops for the public sector

Every Circular Computing™ remanufactured product is ready to go from delivery.

Our remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops come with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD hard drive and Windows 10 Professional installed as standard.

If you need something specific for your organisation, we are able to customise specifications of our core models to meet your IT needs. This includes the hard drive, screen, RAM or Operating System and more...

Dell, HP and Lenovo brand remanufactured laptops