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“We look forward to this event to continue our market partnerships that contribute to the circular economy in IT.”

TUE 23rd April, 2024

Plus 24th & 25th April available for one-to-one meetings with Circular Computing.

Event Runs 09:00  - Till Late
From 18.00 until late full course buffet menu and drinks to be served, during networking time.

Venue: Circular Computing, The Sue Neale Building
Plot 92, Al Hamra Industrial Estate, Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates
Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/j9F7fJ4MjSw1rJDU8

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What: Invitation only event uniting the change makers building and delivering sustainable IT in the channel. This is about bringing together the people who are doing and delivering in the space, showcasing our perspective, and provoking meaningful conversations.

Why: The morning will be a full 'show and tell' around the worlds only certified laptop remanufacturing facility, employing 400 staff and delivering 20,000 units per month of refurbished and remanufactured laptops. The afternoon will provide a series of collaborative networking events allowing for debate and opinions to flow, around the challenges of delivering sustainable IT.

Who : Industry leaders charged with delivering sustainable IT in the ITAD, OEM, Distribution, Reseller, Managed Services and System Integration space.



Matt Brittin

Google President Operations Europe

''It's a real honour to be supporting Circular Computing, this is about setting the bar high for the entire IT industry to follow. Thank you so much for the achievement.''  


Steve ''Woz'' Wozniak

Founder and Fellow, Apple

''It is true genius and hard work, keep thinking out the box, keep up the hard work and inspire other companies to follow your example. This is from a real fan.'' 


Nourdine Bihmane

CEO, Atos

''Congratulations to Circular Computing for achieving such a demanding certification. This ia a great milestone in our quest for a circular economy'' 


John Mayer

Global VP

''I would characterize what Circular Computing has done in remanufacturing, is actually accomplished the impossible… I'm still in shock, to be honest with you, that Circular actually was able to do it.

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Why are we holding the event?

In our opinion we have built out the future of how a pre-used laptop product enters the mainstream of the global IT channel.
We have delivered the world’s first BSI certified facility, dedicated to the remanufacture and refurbishment of laptop computers at scale - and positioned ourselves as the most credible offering on the market today. Not our words, but words from the channel itself.

10 years of investment to back up 000's of mini R&D projects have resulted in the Circular Remanufacturing Process, which in turn has led to partnerships and contracts with some of the largest IT companies in the product space - most of which have booked attendance to this event.

Our facility produces up to 20,000 laptops per month for resale, that's 5000 per week, 1000 per day, 125 per hour and 2.08 per minute.

Every part of the IT channel is challenged with delivering "Sustainable IT".

So we will share what we have learned, what we do and how we do it, what we have had success in delivering and what we have not.

If your business itself is used products, or your company can see a time when a used product is going to enter your supply chain, then come learn, listen, question and engage because your voice is one of value.

So that is the morning of the event - us sharing our process and our experience - but the afternoon will be a collaborative event allowing for every opinion to be aired.

Nobody has to say we are right in what we have done and how we have approached the opportunity that is fast approaching, but you do have to be at the event to give an alternative view.

The afternoon will be designed to allow everyone in attendance to engage, debate, decide, think - and either have their opinions confirmed or questioned.

No matter what opinion you hold, we are all the companies trying to mix commercial sensitivity with sustainable good.

Leasing companies are figuring out if quality re-use is a way to dramatically disturb residual returns, ITAD's are working out where this places them in the new landscape of used product values, resellers are finding out what options they have from the OEM and open market, and system integrators are being asked to decarbonise IT by their biggest customers. So there are many questions and so many possible answers...

So this is the agenda for the afternoon. We, and all the other attending companies will value your time, your credibility, your investment and your expertise.


Rod Neale
Circular Computing




Welcome, refreshments
and introductions

09.00 - 09.30


Transition includes factory walkthrough

09.45 - 10.00


The Company, The Factory,

The Process, The Journey

10.00 - 11.00


The Future of Remanufacturing

11.15 - 12.30


Details TBC

12.30 - 13.00


Breakout, lunch served and networking

13.00 - 14.15


Programme only available on gated site
14.30 - 18.00


Full menu and drinks served during networking time

18:00 Onwards

As this event is invite only, the website where attendance can be booked is gated. This website was product to provide a glimpse of the event, however most of the detail is within the gated version. To gain access to the gated site, please enquire below.

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“As a custodian of our clients’ trust we at HCLTech strive to offer them the very best market options, empowering our customers to navigate the challenges of sustainable IT. Our relationship has prospered from your commitment on delivering a product unlike any other in the remanufactured market and we look forward to visiting your factory and seeing your work for ourselves. Also, it will be great to engage with similar companies from across the spectrum around the subject of how sustainable IT is changing the channel forever.”

Remanufacturing The Future

There is a saying in the IT industry which states "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM".

Essentially this is about risk, brand dependency, stability, and the fact that while it may not be the cheapest option, it is not exposing the company to any additional burdens or risk. An IT director that switches brands in the pursuit of savings is perfectly safe, right up until the moment something goes wrong and then his risk, would be summarised as "avoidable exposure". The awarding of the BSI Kitemark™ certifies that our Circular Remanufacturing Process produces products 'equal to or better than new' as required by the BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-211.

As the world pursues sustainability at all costs, the tolerance for "risk" will extend to considering a pre-used product but whether the product can be considered an "IBM" will be purely based around the judgment of risk and exposure that the due diligence determines. An industry that is aged 50 years cannot simply change their truths overnight just because the desire to utilise non new tech is growing and the industry's problems are chronic, born from a cocktail of price point, brand trust, and speed.

Refurbished is absolutely an answer but it will never be the answer because it has an intolerable position of risk and therefore will never be an IBM. This is reserved for absolutes, and not dimmer switches.

Remanufacturing is the answer that changes everything. To begin with, it is a constant where before there has never been one. It delivers everything that refurbished delivers but without the risk, the variables and the dangers associated with choosing it.

It also delivers commercials that are not available in refurbished and as such make available the chance to build a new financial position around it and allow all the players within the IT industry to participate at the profitable levels needed when going through the seismic changes involved in sustainability.

For now, the challenge is education. Tomorrow the challenge will be keeping up with demand, as remanufacturing becomes the anchor of stability, sustainability, viable long-term commercials and provable performed due diligence.

Rod Neale
Founder & CEO of Circular Computing

For nearly 10 years we have invested in this position, and we still believe that certified remanufacturing is the right future. But this event is grounded in transparency, collaboration, debate and bringing together the opinions of the most talented companies and people delivering all types of sustainable IT to market. The stresses on the sector and the risk are huge, but so are the opportunities being presented.


"There is absolutely no doubt that your company is pushing forward the limits of what is possible with a used product entering the ‘new’ channel, and having seen the product for myself I am happy to confirm it is nothing like offerings from the traditional refurbished market. I look forward to experiencing the hospitality at your facility and seeing what you have built and exploring the available networking opportunities it will bring in the PM.”


Event Organiser & CEO
Circular Computing

If you have any questions about the agenda and purpose of the event, please make contact with Rod Neale via rod.neale@circularcomputing.com


Events Manager
Circular Computing

If you have any questions about event logistics or planning, please make contact with Cleo Whelan via cleo.whelan@circularcomputing.com


The business of used products and where they can be sold is changing. We believe we have been part of that change and have a story to tell. We have decided to tell it to a selected group of people and companies that would find value in it because we believe it would benefit us and attendees alike.

We have contracts to deliver "Reman as a Service" and hardware to many companies that are attending and it will allow them to see first hand how we deliver to them. For companies coming that are from the industry but not fully engaged yet, it will give us a chance to "show and tell" and hopefully lead to increased engagement.

We feel it would be impossible to deliver the same experience unless it was actually at the facility.

Over the past 10 years we have invested to deliver what we believe is the finest laptop remanufacturing and refurbishment facility on the planet. 380 staff on site delivering 20,000 units per month at a standard that holds 2 British Standard Institution Kitemark certifications, One of them being for remanufacture which is the only one in the world awarded for our Circular Remanufacturing Process.

But none of this will matter if we do not take the company to the next stage of growth and development and capitalise on the past work and investment so we need to leverage existing relationships and build new partnerships into the industry that can use what we have built.

Furthermore the afternoon of the day will allow our beliefs to be challenged or validated by industry champions. As the saying goes "if you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room".

The morning will cover our process and story for all the reasons previously mentioned and if a used product is your business, or set to impact your business, or an opportunity for your business then the gain is clear.

The afternoon will be about collaborative conversation and we are set to deliver this by "turning the room in on itself" to allow fully explored discussions, debate and input.

Through bringing data expertise and acting as moderators to raised questions or assumptions, it will allow all subject matters to be aired and explored with the huge pool of experience and talent in the room.

Of course we cannot make people get involved (and we are not asking for sensitive company data to be revealed), but we are being told by booked attendees that the opportunity to engage with peers faced with similar issues in a collaborative group setting, is their key reason to attend.

Many people much smarter than us are looking into the implications of a used product entering the brand new channel. The dangers of getting it wrong and the opportunities of getting it right are equally substantial.

We believe that within the next 6 - 24 months many of the early roadmaps will have been driven, and the possible futures will start to become in focus. We think that in that period new long term partnerships will be drawn and the work will begin to bear the fruit expected.

OEM's will have worked out their offerings, Distribution will have the stock on the shelves, Resellers will have worked out the new language of a used product, ITAD's will have seen their position in the supply chain flip from the back to the front and end users will have worked out what to buy and from whom. The shifts will be large and the future will belong to those willing to get out of their comfort zone and move away from BAU.

As for us, as stated we believe we have laid the groundwork foundations for so much to be built upon by the incoming industry changes and the question will be whether we go at that alone or as part of a much larger opportunity where one plus one equals five for both sides.


Circular Computing pledge to offset the travel emissions of our guests for the Re: Event 2024, based on the airport you are travelling from.  We will also apply an uplift to account for ground transportation, estimations, and assumptions made. Once your event attendance is confirmed, we will be in touch to ask you a few additional questions about your travel, which will enable us to ensure that our offsetting is as accurate as possible for your full journey. Circular Computing work with Carbon Footprint, to ensure we are aligned with best practices when it comes to carbon offsetting, and as such are recognised as a Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation.


"After signing our partnership in 2021, Circular Computing is a key component of our Sustainable Digital Workplace offering which we launched at our 3rd Sustainability Conference in Dubai alongside COP28 in December 2023. There is no doubt that your remanufactured laptops are integral to our value proposition, and the most credible offering available on the market today. We are looking forward to seeing the products being built first hand, widening our knowledge of the strong quality processes in place to deliver through Atos to our clients, and exploring ways of enhancing our offering from the networking opportunities and open discussions.”





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