Delivering the world's best solution for the growing sustainability demand

Provide your customers with enterprise grade carbon neutral Plus HP, Dell and Lenovo remanufactured laptops

Stand out from the crowd

We deliver differentiation for resellers, enabling both an attractive price point and provision of sustainability through IT.

Our remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops perform as good as the latest models, they are better value for money and are environmentally and ethically friendly.

The re-use and the purchasing of remanufactured laptops are now becoming part of corporate IT procurement considerations, especially for your customers committed to achieving net zero.

Remanufactured is not refurbished, there is a world of difference

A lot of our work with resellers has been built on solving the problems presented by the inconsistent and unreliable supply of refurbished laptops.

Refurbished laptops have notoriously high RMA rates which costs time and money to resolve, as well as affecting your customers overall satisfaction. Through our extensive BSI Kitemark certified remanufacturing process, we deliver unrivalled quality and consistency you can rely on.

We commit to this quality whether your customer needs 5 or 5,000 laptops.


Available through Ingram Micro

"We are thrilled to partner with Circular Computing, not only so we can offer our customers best-in-class remanufactured laptops, but also so we can offer a genuinely sustainable solution for the provision of IT equipment. Sustainability is high on the agenda in the IT industry and we feel that this partnership can be a significant contributor towards improving sustainability and re-enforcing the benefits of the circular economy".

MICHAEL FARRAH, Senior Commercial Director at Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro

offer your customers the sustanable alternative to new

We have spent years creating a remanufactured product that works, saves money and helps to save the planet at the same time. Selling certified Carbon Neutral Plus remanufactured laptops will not only benefit your customer, but will also help you start new conversations and unlock the door to new markets.

The benefits of selling circular computing

  • Consistent supply and consistent quality in volume

  • Provides differentiation for your company in a commodity market

  • Gives you a new, sustainability-driven voice to start a conversation with customers

  • Allows you to compete with MAR channels without risk

  • Gain competitive advantage and establish your reputation early in the rapidly growing sustainable IT segment

The benefits for your customers

  • The CO2 savings can be reported under their Scope 3 emissions report

  • Certified quality in volume with our BSI Kitemark remanufacturing process 

  • Up to 40% less than new laptop models

  • Complete peace of mind with minimum 1-year warranty on every laptop

  • Fully-tested battery and selected upgraded or replaced components

  • Sustainability benefits to their organisation and the planet

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the product lifecycle

Make the move to sustainable IT

Sustainable IT is becoming more sought after in the technology market. We understand this so, through our remanufacturing process and investments in reforestation and carbon reduction projects, every remanufactured laptop is certified Carbon Neutral Plus.

Five trees are planted for every laptop purchased, helping reforestation efforts worldwide and compensating for the legacy carbon footprint of the laptop's original manufacture and first three years of use.

This means that, as a Circular Computing reseller, you can offer your customers truly sustainable technology.

When your customers want to upgrade or change to newer machines, we can take back the previous products to begin the remanufacturing process all over again.

We also invest into reforestation, carbon reduction and clean energy projects that create significant social value, in-keeping with environmental policies that pass on to your organisation and to your customers.

Become a reseller

Leading brand, carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops, available in quantities to suit you.

Our remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops come with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD hard drive and Windows 10 Professional installed as standard, with the availability of Configure to Order options on our core models.

Whatever the needs of your customers, we can accommodate them, complete with an up to 3-year warranty on every laptop.