Handling common objections for resellers

THERE IS A STIGMA WITH SECOND-HAND TECHNOLOGY: Remanufactured is not refurbished – there is a world of difference.

Helping to address your concerns

The negative experiences of second user laptops are part of the reason we sought to change this view as part of our mission; we sought to do better, both for our customers and the planet.

There are some factors that simply need to be set in motion or rectified to ensure that you can offer Circular Computing remanufactured products to your customers and within your own organisation. In creating our service, we have addressed these historic issues one at a time.

Familiar 'pain points' with a refurbished product


Pain point

"We have lost customers due to the differing quality of refurbished laptops."

Circular Computing solution

Whether you have experienced hardware issues with trackpads, displays and drivers, or something else, our single-minded approach to delivering a robust remanufacturing process has delivered an RMA of less than 3%. Our ISO9001 accredited processes mean that we can guarantee consistent high quality of the same model in large volume.

"There is huge variation of refurbished grading and low standards."

To be a viable option for companies and organisations of all sizes, we know that the computers we produce need to be consistent, not only in appearance but also internally too. We don't grade our products so, with Circular Computing™, there is no compromise: every laptop looks and performs to the highest quality standard. If you are unconvinced, please contact us for a trial unit.

"The end user will not accept refurbished products due to previous experience of second-user machines."

Circular Computing™ goes far beyond simply offering refurbished products; our 'remanufactured' units each go through a 5+ hour and 360 step process to ensure we offer an entirely new proposition that saves money, works well and helps their sustainability impact.


Pain point

"There are often issues with estimated times of arrival (ETA) for products, slipping due dates for back orders and a lack of stock against the models quoted."

Circular Computing solution

Circular Computing consistently has over 30,000 laptops in stock and are invested in ensuring we always have enough when our partners and customers require them.

"Will you and the products you offer today also be here tomorrow?"

Inconsistency in product makes, models and specifications can be a nightmare to forecast, especially when some end users have very specific requirements with which to adhere. From a company and a product perspective, we are here to stay and committed to what we do.

"Refurbished is acceptable for small deals, but not for volume opportunities."

Historically, we would agree, however Circular Computing offers remanufactured products and we have designed our operation to provide thousands of the same unit, to the same standard. We have happy customers who have ordered over 5,000 of the same unit, all to identical specifications.


Pain point

"We have experienced refusal to collect a return merchandise authorisation (RMA) with warranty sold as the dream but not the reality."

Circular Computing solution

We are invested in finding the right solutions for you and are committed to being a viable alternative to new. Whilst we cannot have an OEM technician on your site within hours, we can provide the next best thing in providing an advanced or next day replacement product.

"Vendor Account Manager not been up to par."

We have recruited from the industry, for the industry. We pride ourselves on being a genuine alternative to new in every area, including our account management. We are passionate about our company and our solution, which means we care.

"No support with demo units."

Those who have had a negative refurbished experience in the past may need to see a demonstration unit to be convinced. Our attitude is 'if the client needs to see a remanufactured laptop to prove everything that we claim', then it makes good business sense to back up our quality promise.

"No end user support."

Circular Computing has dedicated account managers, to help you answer any questions or concerns from your customers. We will continue to produce marketing collateral that helps tell the 'Why Circular Computing?' story and we are invested in helping you to include us as a viable solution for your customers.

Deal Registration

Pain point

“We want a customer's hardware business, but it's supplied by an organisation with Deal Registration. We can't win the business without losing margin.”

Circular Computing solution

Converting your customer to our differentiated product & receiving deal registration will lead to further growth in your client portfolio.

Remanufactured, not refurbished

We have been awarded a BSI Kitemark which certifies our Circular Remanufacturing Process produces products 'equal to or better than new' as required by the BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-211.

Every laptop goes through the same 5+ hour remanufacturing process to create a single grade of product that is close to new. We commit to this quality whether you take 5 or 5,000 laptops, zero compromise.


We remanufacture to BS 8887 standards by our fully qualified technicians within Circular Computing's purpose-built state of the art production facility.

ISO 9001 accredited processes mean that we can guarantee consistent quality of the same model in large volumes, and, with comprehensive cosmetic detailing, every laptop is refinished to exacting quality standards.

Become a reseller

Our remanufactured HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops come with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD hard drive and Windows 10 Professional installed as standard, with the availability of Configure to Order options on our core models.

Whatever the needs of your customers, we can accommodate them, complete with an up to 3-year warranty on every laptop.