Education Whitepaper

Our Education whitepaper introduces the circular economy and specifically sustainable IT within the education sector, how Circular Computing™ ...
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Becoming carbon-neutral e-book

This e-book introduces the journey toward being carbon-neutral, a thorough customer case study, and how Circular Computing™ products ...
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Download our EU good practice for the circular economy

EU: sustainable IT for the circular economy

This extract represents the views taken from the EU platform regarding the Circular Computing™ product and net benefit ...
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Public procurement for a circular economy

This whitepaper takes the views of Conrad Mohr and Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells as they explore remanufactured products role ...
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Resource Productivity (Government report extract)

This extract from the Government Chief Scientific Adviser's report whitepaper extract explores government and other high profile opinion ...
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Download our Circular Consumer Electronics document

Circular Consumer Electronics

We were thrilled to be asked to contribute to a study exploring how we can close the loop ...
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Download Quality Accreditation document

Circular Certified Quality Accreditation

Our quality document that drills into the real questions and answers surround the superior quality of our remanufactured ...
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Sustainability Calculator - 891 x 630px

Sustainable IT Calculator

Enter the number of laptops used in your business to see the positive impact you could have on ...
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Circular Computing™ - an independent performance review by Cranfield University

Cranfield University Research

In 2017, we commissioned Cranfield University to undertake an independent review of the performance of a Circular Computing™ ...
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Sustainable IT White Paper

This white paper introduces the concepts of Circular Computing™ products within the circular economy, along with hard facts ...
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IT Reseller Case Study

Education IT specialist Medhurst is a reseller for Circular Computing™ in the UK. Since launching its partnership with ...
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Reseller FAQ’s

In this PDF we answer some of the most common questions we get about remanufacturing, our products and ...
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