Replacement and Returns Information

At Circular Computing, we take pride in providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We understand that sometimes issues may arise, which is why we offer a straightforward and hassle-free replacement and refund process.

Units returned for repair: Customers Own Goods

  • If the unit is still operational, the client is responsible for backing up and removing any (sensitive) data prior to returning the unit to Circular Computing to protect their own data.

  • Circular Computing will not be responsible for any loss of client’s data on the unit whilst it is under our control.

  • Circular Computing will not wipe the data on the SSD unless agreed in writing with the End User first. We will not ask for user credentials etc. or operate the device using OS software with the End Users SSD in place.

  • We will use Aiken Workbench software to component test the hardware of the device which does not involve accessing the software and data on the SSD.

  • If operational testing of the unit is required (for specific faults), e.g., using the OS, then the users SSD is replaced by a Circular Computing SSD in order to test the unit. 

  • When a fault is suspected in the End Users set up, configuration, software etc on the SSD then a replacement SSD may be supplied (potentially at the EU cost) to make the unit operational again.  The End User would be responsible for resolving any such issues on their SSD.

Units returned permanently for replacement or refund 

  • If the unit is still operational the client is responsible for backing up or removing any sensitive data that they do not wish to lose before it is returned.

  • Circular Computing uses Aiken Workbench software to wipe the SSD of any returned units provided the SSD is operational.

  • Any non-operational SSDs are destroyed using certified ITAD methods.

  • With prior agreement at the time of purchase for units operating in highly sensitive environments, an operational SSD can also be destroyed regardless using certified ITAD methods and replaced with new SSDs. If not agreed in advance, this could incur additional cost to the End User for replacing the SSD.

  • Aiken Workbench software is tested by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) and carries product certification to Assurance Level 3.

  • An Aiken Workbench generated certificate confirming the unit has been data wiped will be provided as proof of data destruction, for compliance.

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