We believe through collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, that the movement towards a Circular Computing™ environment will be demand driven. There can be no possible reason for those seeking the most sustainable IT without compromise to their reputation, user experience or budgets to not consider this option.

Our discovery workshops bring together previously separate teams and works to unite them behind a common question…

How can you make a difference by helping your company become more sustainable whilst still meeting the needs of the business?

It’s an interactive discovery session that gives every department the opportunity to voice any ideas or reservations around environmental sustainability. 

“...from an employee perspective, the biggest appeal for me is playing my role... there are a lot of staff here that want to do the right thing, they are just looking for the right challenge...” Sustainability Manager, leading UK bank. 

Our workshops are specifically designed for innovative and socially responsible organisations looking to create positive social, ethical & environmental impact. 

Our aim is that you leave the workshop with the following:

  • IT & Finance Teams
  • Sustainability Teams
  • Marketing Teams