Having worked with hundreds of schools and colleges across the UK and Europe, we are confident that we can save you thousands of pounds on laptop procurement. At the same time, you get real sustainability benefits to shout about to your students, parents and local community. Unfortunately, large corporations rarely keep laptops after the 3-year lease or warranty period - and yet the technology is thin enough, light enough and powerful enough to last far longer. The increasing demand for technology places an ever greater burden on the environment, often resulting in the destruction of habitats and landscapes around the world. The result is excessive resource consumption, climate change, conflict mining, human rights issues, pollution and e-waste. But there is a better way.

Sustainable enterprise-grade laptops for schools

Working with our resellers we have over 600 Circular Computing™ clients in education. We understand the tough IT challenges, and work with our resellers to enable effective IT solutions with an working within limited budgets.

Every day new IT managers in schools, colleges, and universities are turning to our remanufactured option to enable high specification equipment at up to 40% cheaper (compared to new), at the same time as making a commitment towards a sustainable future.

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The Benefits of Circular Computing™ for Chichester High School

With the purchase of 114 laptops for this forward thinking MAT there were a multitude of sustainability benefits alongside the quality of the enterprise-grade laptops with 3 year warranties as standard. 

  • 1.    136 Tonnes of waste avoided from production of new
  • 2.    43 tonnes of CO2eq prevented at manufacture
  • 3.    570 trees planted in India and Africa
  • 4.    68 tonnes of CO2eq sequestered from the atmosphere
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Download your free sustainability teaching tool for 8-11 year olds

We are creating a learning platform, Sustain IT Club, to empower children towards a sustainable future. We have worked with Stoke Park Junior School to create learning modules that inspire creativity, time management, and team work whilst teaching the fundamentals of the Circular Economy and sustainability.

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30-Day Free Trial Laptop

The quality of our laptops is so good, people have difficulty believing that they are remanufactured second-user units. The only way to find out for yourself is to take a closer look with a no-risk, no obligation trial unit. 

If you are not impressed, just put it back in the box and send it back – we’ll even pay for the return postage. 

Of course, we think you will want to keep it and order a whole batch because you love it as much as we do!

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