Unboxing Remanufactured Laptop

Unboxing a remanufactured laptop

Circular Computing™ is the world’s first secondary equipment manufacturer. We set out on a mission with a simple thought: How can we remanufacture a laptop to be ‘like new’?

For us, ‘new’ meant not simply a cosmetically improved finish on our products, but in complete operational capacity too. This had not been done previously and was a big challenge, but it was a challenge we felt confident we could achieve and exceed with real focus.

Plans for the construction of the world’s first remanufacturing facility began and from here, Circular Computing™ was also to initiate the research and development journey toward achieving our ambitious goals.

As of 2021, we have progressed and perfected our unique 360-point stage remanufacturing process for HP, Dell and Lenovo second-user products that not only delivers a product with 97% performance of the latest new models* but also delivers an RMA of less than 3%.

If you would to start a conversation with us about getting remanufactured laptops in your organisation, please contact us here.