Carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops

Certified carbon-neutral

97% performance of new

Save up to 40% on cost

Up to a 3-year warranty

We plant 5 trees for every laptop we sell

Circular Computing™ Lenovo T460

Sustainable IT, leading brand laptops

We have spent years creating a remanufactured product that works, saves money and helps to save the planet at the same time. We also plant 5 trees for every laptop sold, through our reforestation partners, to compensate for legacy carbon emissions.

HP, Lenovo and Dell brand laptops

The Circular Computing™ sustainability ethos and social value

Every remanufactured, carbon-neutral laptop available from Circular Computing™ means:

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    A certified carbon-neutral product through our unique remanufacturing process and carbon-offsetting programs

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    We support social projects that help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities

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    5 trees planted through our reforestation partners for every laptop purchased to be planted in Africa, India, the US and the UK

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    Supporting solar, wind and clean energy projects across the world

Sustainability benefits of buying Circular Computing™

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    We re-use all parts that are not defective and give the device a new look - rebuilt and refinished; inside and out. We replace or upgrade selected components to deliver unrivalled quality.

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    Extending the service life of products

    We give the product a new lease of life and extend the warranty by up to 3 years. Of course, we would also like the product back when you are finished with it, so we can begin our process all over again.

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    CO2 reduction

    For every Circular Computing™ laptop, approximately 316kg (700lb) of CO2 emissions are prevented by not buying new. For just 1,000 laptops, that is the same as taking 80 cars off the road for a year.

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    Reversal of legacy carbon emissions

    We plant five trees for every Circular Computing™ laptop to help compensate for the ‘embodied’ carbon emissions from its original manufacture and first three years of use.

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    Water saving

    Over 190,000 litres (50,000 gallons) of water is saved from being used for extraction, refining & production of a new computer and its components. That is enough drinking water for over 700 years for the average American.

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    Reforestation projects

    Through our support of reforestation projects, we have planted over 100,000 trees worldwide. For every 5,000 laptops we sell, we plant 25,000 trees - almost as many as in Central Park, New York.

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    Clean energy projects

    Through our support of solar, wind and clean energy projects, we are a carbon-neutral company and our remanufacturing process gives you a certified carbon-neutral product.

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    Resource preservation

    By not buying new, you have not only preserved valuable critical minerals from being dug out of the Earth but also prevented the e-waste from the disposal of the laptop.


More than 100,000 trees planted worldwide!

Circular Computing™ has successfully completed the planting of 100,000 trees worldwide via our reforestation partners WeForest and One Tree Planted.

Through One Tree Planted, Circular Computing™ contributed 15,000 trees to the California Moonlight Project to repopulate the devastated areas of California after the forest fires; helping to re-claim an important and unique biodiversity hotspot in the process.

With our reforestation partners, Circular Computing™ plants trees in Tanzania, Zambia, the Khasi Hills in India, California in the US and throughout the UK. These on-going projects not only reforest these areas, but also help vulnerable communities and support clean energy projects, boosting local economies, protecting woodland and helping to cool the Earth.

Read more about our reforestation projects

Technical Specifications

Main specifications

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    Intel Core i5 Processor

    4th, 5th and 6th Generation CPUs

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    8Gb RAM

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    240Gb / 256Gb SSD Hard Drive

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    Fully tested Grade A screen*

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    Fully tested original branded battery with 90-day warranty

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    Windows 10 Pro installed

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    Up to 3-year, next day replacement warranty

*Original screens may have slightly different brightness or color temperature when compared alongside other identical units

Laptop core models

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    HP 840 G1

  • arrow-icon

    HP 840 G2

  • arrow-icon

    HP 840 G3

  • arrow-icon

    Dell E5450

  • arrow-icon

    Dell E5470

  • arrow-icon

    Lenovo T450

  • arrow-icon

    Lenovo T560

HP 840 G3 remanufactured laptop

Remanufacturing - quality without compromise

What makes remanufacturing so different?

Inside and outside

Alongside cosmetic refinishing, every unit is fully tested at component level - any worn or broken components are replaced or upgraded.


Attention to detail

Replacing components and details, such as worn keyboard buttons, brand logos or broken feet underneath the laptop, is all part of the remanufacturing process.

Remanufacturing process - Inside and outside

Cosmetic renewal

With a thorough visual inspection and control check, the process also cleans up any sticker marks, scratches or worn areas during the refinishing process.


Screen refresh

Screens are fully tested, dismantled and repaired if necessary. Our screens are free from scratches or pressure marks. Upgraded brand-new screens are available as special order.

Remanufacturing process - cosmetic renewal

Quality control

Rigorous quality control processes during the unique 5+ hour, 100-point remanufacturing, ensures unrivalled quality in matt, gloss and soft touch finishes.


Track pad

Track pads are thoroughly tested and inspected, any areas with noticeable wear are replaced to give back full movement and cursor control.

Remanufacturing process - quality control

ISO9001 Remanufacturing process

Each unit goes through a rigorous 5+ hour process. The stages of our 100-point stage accredited remanufacturing process includes:

• Initial inspection

• Disassembly

• Component inspection

• Component remediation

• Cosmetic remediation

• Component replacement and upgrades

• Reassembly and functional testing

• Finishing visual inspection and quality control checks

• ISO9001 accredited processes guarantee consistent remanufactured quality in large volumes

Remanufacturing facility

Carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops

Dell, HP and Lenovo remanufactured laptops

Leading brand, carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops, offering 97% of the performance of the latest models (from an independent study commissioned by Cranfield University) and up to 40% savings compared to brand new.

HP, Lenovo and Dell brand laptops

Contact us for a quote or more information

Drop us a line to find out how we can provide you with a reliable, consistent, high-quality supply of carbon-neutral, remanufactured laptops at competitive prices.

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