Why resell Circular Computing™ Products?

Circular Computing™ is so much more than another "refurbished product" offer to add to your portfolio. Circular Computing™ is a completely new approach to sustainable computing and IT procurement.

It requires a different type of conversation, giving you access to new members of the corporate decision making unit and a seat at the Board table. 

Circular Computing™ allows you to connect the needs and goals of both IT & Sustainability teams, so they can create unique value for the company. Our products mean you can guarantee your customers enterprise quality laptops, remanufactured to pristine condition with like-for-like warranty, offering the best value for money. The real game-changer though, is the opportunity to be part of something incredible for the environment and our planet’s most vulnerable communities. 

Your customers save money and help to save precious natural resources without compromising on performance, quality or service. They’ll receive quality products that meet the needs of the business whilst becoming more sustainable and reducing their IT carbon footprint. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability teams love Circular Computing™ and IT departments are blown away by product performance. 

Circular Computing™ speaks to the ambitions of responsible global business and is uniting organisations and engaging employees around a common goal; to create positive environmental, social and economic impact through a new way to buy IT. 

We can help you differentiate your services with Circular Computing™ products that deliver the sustainable choices your customers need.

What’s in it for resellers?

  • Financial
  • Competitive
  • Product


To make sure our business is scalable, Circular Computing™ collaborate with commitment based distribution partners and value added resellers.

Our servicability now covers Europe and the North American markets.

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If you want to learn more about how we can work together to create sustainable benefits for your customers, please contact our partner development team.


Still not convinced?

Still not convinced? Well did you know, Google custom builds its own data centre servers using refurbished parts? In fact 19% of Googles servers in its' data centres are previously used machines, that have been remanufactured - 75% of the components used to support their spare parts programme are also refurbished and when they upgrade servers, 52% of components used are refurbished. According to Jim Miller, Google Vice President of Global Operations, it's saving them hundreds of millions of dollars. The world's largest corporations are waking up to more sustainable computing and remanufacturing is on the rise.